My "Re-imagined Classics" from IKEA



Ive always been a huge fan of IKEA ever since i can remember, in fact i remember being introduced to them via one of my then neighbours wayy back in the 80’s. (Gosh that’s Eons ago!) Its an infatuation that im glad to report hasn’t diminished.

So you can imagine my absolute delight when i was asked if i would like to use some of their product in my own home.

IKEA have just recently relaunched some of their design classics from times gone by which they are branding as “Re-imagined Classics” and are re-releasing in 2018.

Just some of the design classics from IKEA

Just some of the design classics from IKEA

The 1st collection of these brilliant pieces with designs from the 50’s & 60’s are in store and online now, with other decades, 70’s & 80’s, and the 90’s & 00’s being released at a later date in the year. So i guess youre itching to know which pieces i chose right? Well we’ve just recently redecorated our Hallway and id always fancied a little reading area/corner in the space, so for me my 1st choice, it had to be the STRANDMON armchair, which i happen to think is THE perfect reading chair with its high back and winged sides.(You can see it on the right in the pic above) perfect for hunkering down with a good book.


Perfect little reading nook.


I love to piping on the seat cushion and detail on the scroll arms.


Button detail on the back gives a mid-century vibe.


All looking super cool right?

So onto my second piece, this will also be living in our recently repainted hallway, and its the fab LOVBACKEN side table. Totes giving the mid-century vibe, this was one of the very 1st ever flat pack furniture products and was originally called the LOVET, which is actually ironic as i love it (did you see what i did there?….yeah jokes aren’t my forte…lol)

2018-09-11 12.08.53.jpg
2018-09-11 12.15.01.jpg
2018-09-11 12.10.36.jpg

Super cute brass tipped legs, for a touch of luxe.

2018-09-11 12.10.16.jpg

The tabletop has a faux wood detail which i think adds extra texture and adds bags of style.

And so there you have it, i think you’ll agree, these new pieces have really added that extra shot of vintage charm to our space, and i couldn’t be happier with them.

Thank you so much IKEA!!

So ill sign off now, and i will be back real soon,

Take it easy,

Oliver x